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Below this point, the information on this page dates to the time of our "advisory" vote on fluoridation in March 2016. Unfortunately, the vote was 61% to 39% in favor of continuing fluoridation. Even though a majority should not be allowed to medicate the minority (fluoridation being the addition of a drug to the drinking water), the vote forestalled any political action at City Hall to end the practice of fluoridation. 

The efforts of fluoridation opponents in Rutland continue as this is written (Jan. 2, 2018).


Check out our window display on Wales Street between the Rutland Area Food Co-op and Sweeney Todd's. 

Petition Certified by Rutland City Clerk's Office!

The Rutland City Clerk's office informed us Tuesday, Dec. 1, that our petitions contained the required number of signatures of registered voters to place our item on the March 1 Annual meeting ballot. That election will also feature the Vermont presidential primary, election of local officials, and local budget items.

As a result of the successful petition drive, the following wording will appear as an advisory question on the March ballot: "Shall the commissioner of public works fluoridate the public water supply of Rutland?"

Public Works Commissioner Jeffrey Wennberg has said he is likely to stop the fluoridation program if a clear and informed vote indicates that is the voters' will.

Thanks for the success of the petition drive are due to all who gathered signatures, including Marilyn Griffith, Sue Crowther, Kathleen Krevetski, Alicia Williams, Bob Amelang, Ada and Michael Pezzetti, Angela Oakes, and others. 

Our task is now to continue the education process and be sure our supporters turn out and vote on March 1. If you would like to take part in this effort, please contact Jack Crowther at the phone number or email listed below or one of our other supporters.

Help Us Get Fluoridation Out of Rutland City Water

Call Jack Crowther at 558-4923 or email


Ballot Petitions Submitted Nov. 18

Marilyn Griffith (left) and Susan Crowther display more than 50 sheets representing about 800 signatures submitted to the Rutland City Clerk's office on Wednesday, Nov. 19. Marilyn and Susan were two of the most active canvassers in obtaining the signatures.

About 500 valid signatures of registered voters are required to get the issue on the March Annual Meeting ballot. A formal count is expected before Thanksgiving. 


Meet Marilyn

Marilyn Griffith of Maple Street in Rutland is heading up the door-to-door campaign for signatures of those who want to stop fluoridation of Rutland City water. 

If you would like to help in this effort, you may call her at 747-0757 or email nick AT The @ symbol is spelled out to avoid spam.

If you'd like to help is some other way, contact Jack Crowther at 558-4923 or jack_cr3 AT


Look for our bumper sticker around town. Get one and "drive the message home."

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