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A Letter to the Rutland Herald That Deserved to Have Been Published

    The following letter to the editor of the Rutland Herald was written by my friend and fellow anti-fluoridation crusader Marilyn Griffith of Rutland, pictured here. We don’t know why the Herald declined to publish it. As a onetime editor of the Herald’s editorial page, I have no doubt that it meets the criteria of an LTE. It contains thoughtful remarks on a subject of current and ongoing interest. It is fortified by personal concern, knowledge of her subject, direct observation, and years of professional experience. Here it is:

I live In northwest Rutland and substitute teach at Northwest School. This school is a happy place to be. The principal, teachers and staff are all dedicated to the children’s well-being. 

Throughout the day I see local children whose mouths are filled with mottled, chipped, and rotted teeth loaded with fillings.

My 40-year teaching career with children makes me wonder about the effectiveness of paying for and adding fluorosilicic acid to our public water supply when fluoridating it doesn't seem to work. My everyday experience with my neighbors' children tells me that mass medication with fluoridation is not suitable dental care.

If I have this personal experience, I wonder how many parents, teachers, staff and residents have the same sort of response to our children’s dental health.

On Dec. 16 I received an e-mail from aldermanic president Sharon Davis. She remarked that this issue had been addressed many times and that the experts knew best. Sharon's response was that the board has chosen to continue fluoridating the water supply.

I find this attitude lackluster and uncaring. Our city officials, doctors and dentists refuse to incorporate 21st Century scientific fluoride studies and research while continuing to use 50 year old science that is out of date. It's kind of like using a rotary phone when a smart phone is right at your fingertips!

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